All there is to know about liposuction
All there is to know about liposuction

Have diet and exercise disappointed you in terms of your weight loss efforts? In such a case, there is yet another body contouring solution that you should consider trying out. This procedure is known as liposuction and is a must try for those interested in getting rid of excess fat from their bodies. Best thing is that you can find this treatment at any good Dubai cosmetic surgery clinic easily.


Information about liposuction


Liposuction can be performed on multiple areas of the body. This includes the abdomen, neck, chin, cheeks, breasts, buttocks, ankles, arms, calves and hips etc. If anything, you can have it performed partially on one or more areas or total on 12 areas or more.


When it comes to liposuction, the best candidates for this particular procedure happen to be men and women who have a normal body weight. However, they must have localized deposits of fat in certain parts of the body. The best results are achieved by those who tend to have firm yet elastic skin. Also, it is necessary for candidates of liposuction to have good overall health. They must not have any life-threatening diseases or medical conditions as these are only going to complicate the recovery process and obstruct it significantly. The candidate should also have a very realistic goal for liposuction together with a positive attitude.


Get rid of excess fat


A majority of people out there think of liposuction as a means of losing weight. This notion, however, is not true at all considering the fact that it is meant to assist with getting rid of excess fat in people who have normal weight. It is by no means a method of weight loss and is only focused on getting rid of excessive fat deposits.


On the whole, the entire process of liposuction is performed under local anesthesia. However, in some cases, the surgeon may choose to perform it under general anesthesia as well. This particularly holds true in cases where extensive intervention is required due to excessive amounts of fat that needs to be removed. After the surgery has taken place, it is required for the patient to use drains for about three days together with a compression garment. Believe it or not, but owing to the advancements in technology and the utilization of top quality equipment by the best surgeons, the overall procedure of liposuction can work wonders in terms of making you look even more beautiful and appealing. As an alternative to this treatment you can also consider opting for best tummy tuck surgery in Dubai.